Monday, 17 October 2011

A few links on economics

Ross Gittins talks about how economists should be on the side of the consumer in the article In a better world more economists would speak on behalf of consumers. He then goes on to discuss Dr Diane Coyle's book "The Economics of Enough" and quote Dr Coyle on the issue of executive pay, especially in the banking system.

Jessica Irvine in Agile minds edge out nimble bodies talks about the decline in the proportion of people working in "production industries". She finishes with the paragraph:
If you want to worry about the future of jobs growth, spend less time worrying about protecting declining industries and more time worrying about the fact that Australian government spending on higher education as a proportion of gross domestic product is one of the lowest of all member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
Adele Ferguson discusses moves to give shareholders some say over executive remuneration in CEOs not enjoying the payback from shareholders.

Misha Schubert notes that Even conservatives say the dole is too low.

Fairfax economics writer Jessica Irvine in Economics by book not for Abbott notes that the Government is following the economic text book but Tony Abbott seems to be rejecting it:
But in Tony Abbott's hands, the economic textbook seems little more than a handy blunt object with which to whack one's opposition. The Opposition Leader appears hell-bent on styling himself as some sort of economic Antichrist.

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