Friday, 6 June 2014

Abbott the leader

Jane Gilmore in Leading Abbott looks the contradictions in Tony Abbott and his government. She opens by quoting Tony Abbott on Kevin Rudd:
Too much political thinking is about winning or holding government, rather than about what might be done once you’re there. If our current prime minster had spent more time thinking about how to govern before winning the next election he might have turned out to be as effective a prime minister as he was an opposition leader.

Tony Abbott on Kevin Rudd, May 2010
She also makes a good point about Abbott as opposition leader:
The Coalition in opposition was not being led by Tony Abbott. A mob rampaging towards a single goal is not under control of a leader, they just happen be charging in the same direction; but this only becomes apparent when they arrive at their destination, destroy the object of their hatred and then disperse into chaos.

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