Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Greg Barns on Julia Gillard

In Media should play fair with PM, former Liberal Party adviser and candidate Greg Barns writes:
JULIA Gillard is no Paul Keating, John Curtin or Ben Chifley to name three of the best prime ministers this country has had in the past 75 years.

But nor is she so poor a performer and leader that she deserves the daily excoriation to which she is subjected by many in the mainstream or traditional media, by which I mean newspapers and electronic broadcasters both public and commercial.
The media campaign against Ms Gillard and her government can have only two foundations -- a dislike of a woman as prime minister or a nasty conservatism that seeks to protect privilege. Either one is unacceptable. We should call on our mainstream media to play fair or not play at all. It is far from healthy for the media in a liberal democratic society to become so unbalanced on matters pertaining to politics.

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