Saturday, 29 October 2011

Changes coming in the power industry

Paddy Manning has written Power providers energised for coming of a green age:
Electricity companies are preparing to shift to a green future by investing in the industry of energy solutions.

A SMARTER, greener future for energy use may be coming too slow for some, but it is coming nonetheless. Eventually our dirty old electricity grid may provide little more than back-up power, giving us plenty of scope to retire ageing coal-fired power stations.
Meanwhile Ben Harvey looks at why Western Australian power bills are going up and up in The shocking truth about your bill:
It's an inconvenient financial truth, but if you think your electricity bill is big at present you are, pardon the pun, in for a shock.

And it's an inconvenient political truth that there is no white knight waiting to save you - we are going to get screwed on power prices regardless of whether the ALP or the Liberals are in office.

Colin Barnett is doing a very good job of apologising for raising prices and is gently putting out the message that things might not be so bad in the future.

Eric Ripper is doing an even better job of making everyone think that life will be easier if you vote for him in 2013.

Both these men - who are generally decent and trustworthy - are full of it: prices are going up far higher than either is letting on.

Both want to ensure that our bills cover the cost of delivering electricity to our houses.

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