Monday, 24 October 2011

Bernard Keane on the Internet changing media and politics

Bernard Keene, in How the internet messes with the game of media and party politics has written a thought provoking essay on the traditional media, politics and the Internet. Bernard puts forward the proposition that TV leads to isolation whilst the Internet, through avenues such as social media, leads to greater interconnection. He concludes with:
The problem isn’t so much whether the major political parties and the media will work out a response to the challenge of the internet, it’s whether they’ll do so before someone else does. The short history of the internet says they won’t, that they’ll be left behind by smarter, more innovative digital natives who grow organically on the internet, rather than trying to make the internet fit the demands of the analog era or bolt it on to analog models. The politicians and the press probably have more time than other industries to understand their plight and react to it. But society is being rewired once more, and not in a way that benefits them.
I think it's worth a read.

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