Friday, 23 September 2011

Some interesting posts

High Court and the Malaysia solution discusses how some people would argue that we should intervene to protect asylum seekers but not intervene to make their homeland safer.

Politics, pessimism and perspective compares the current state of Australian politics with previous times.

Dealing with Rick Perry asks:
How is it possible for a hard-line Christian to successfully lead a secularised nation to the promised land if they believe the Bible to be inerrant and morally sufficient? Why waste time and effort on representative government and its tortured processes, if you already have in hand a divine statute containing the requisite answers? Is democracy just a means to theocracy, the Constitution subservient to the Bible?

Extremists who despise America may be insular and misanthropic, but at least they’re internally consistent in rejecting liberal democracy for a political system based on what they believe to be superior God-given laws.

On any reasoned account, Perry is either confused, lying about his conservative orientation or intends to foist his religious orthodoxy upon the American people from within the White House. Perhaps all three.
Why the Lone Star State Shines So Bright explains why Texas is doing better than the rest of the USA. To summarise: oil; tighter financial regulations and an expanding population.

The Vigorous Virtues discusses American decline and argues that just cutting Government and the nanny state won't invigorate the USA.

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