Monday, 5 September 2011

A great comment

Michelle Grattan wrote an opinion piece Gillard needs show of control and opened with:
JULIA Gillard has been cornered by the High Court decision and, foolishly, in her anger and policy anguish, she is turning on the justices. It's a bad look.
Comments tended to vary but were on the whole critical of Gillard - although most of them seemed pretty partisan. However, I did find the comment by Tony at 5:53AM amusing:
Get rid of her I say and here unaustralian government.
Put Abbott in charge and let's get this place moving.
I want an Australia where:
1 There is no carbon tax/ETS. Replace it with Direct Action. OK direct Action is still a tax and is likely to be less efficient but don't worry as it will probably not even be introduced.
2. The miners get another tax break.
3. Company taxes aren't reduced.
4. Spending on infrastructure is reduced.
5. Welfare for the middle classes is increased.
6. Tax rates on higher income earners are reduced.
7. Superannuation is not increased and maybe even reduced.
8. Asylum seekers are sent to Nauru where they can be held prior to all of them coming to Australia.
9. It is easier to sack workers.
10. Thousands and thousands of public servants are sacked.
11. A protection wall on all local industries is put in place.
12. Unfettered gambling rights are allowed to all.
13. Attractive and enticing ciggie packaging is brought back.
14. Where spending on public health and education is reduced.
15. All sport is put on pay TV.

We want OUR Australia back!!!!

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